Le Bristol Chez Vous

For almost seventy years Le Bristol has been a global pioneer in the hospitality sector, a name that is synonymous with the highest standards of service.

Chez Vous is the culinary part of that legacy of excellence, forging a prestigious reputation as the official caterer of the president of Lebanon. It is also the caterer of choice for Air France’s business and first-class desserts menu.

The Chez Vous team is composed of old-school veterans as well as young talent with fresh new ideas, all serving faithfully under the watchful eye of Mr. Coubat, our maestro who is a living legend in the business, especially when it comes to gastronomy.

Our services are designed to bring you the luxurious experience of hotel dining wherever you are, making sure your special occasions get the culinary touch they deserve. We provide an exceptional selection of world class cuisine for all corporate and private events, including weddings, bridal tables, groom tables, and baby showers, as well as residential catering.

Hospitality is a constellation of art forms; Chez Vous is the brightest of Le Bristol’s five stars.