Les incontournables

Our gourmet selection brings people together over delicacies from around the world, all with the freshest seasonal ingredients. These are the house specialties, whose preparation our chefs have elevated to an art form.

Our all-star lineup of signature dishes includes:

La Kibbeh Arnabieh

A Lebanese classic without a doubt, La Kibbeh Arnabieh courtesy of Chez Vous Fine Catering commands attention. Consisting of traditional hollow bulgur-wheat meat balls boiled in tahini-based lamb bouillon and puréed onion sauce, then simmered in citrus j

La Kibbet De Shawarma

Have you ever thought of fusing two traditional Lebanese staples into a new and distinctive recipe? We have. Introducing La Kibbeh De Shawarma, yet another Chez Vous Fine Catering novelty that showcases the power of creativity in the Lebanese culinary ar

La Quiche au Comté

Not your typical salted pastry, Chez Vous Fine Catering’s La Quiche au Comté is one worthy of celebration and reverence. When our chefs contrived this recipe, they envisioned a marriage between the rich French Gruyère de Comté cheese and the delicately

La Siyadiyeh du Bristol

Le Bristol’s authenticity and rich heritage are best embodied in this Chez Vous Fine Catering legend that traces its roots back to the hotel’s opening years. With La Siyadiyeh Du Bristol, our chefs were able to elevate a locally glorified seafood course

La valise diplomatique

Please stand behind the dotted line, Chez Vous Fine Catering is conducting official business. Fill your Valise Diplomatique with our freshly home-baked soft breads and milk breads and load them with your choice of fine meats, poultry, fish and dairies.

Le Baklava Salé

What happens when you completely re-imagine a popular national dessert? You get one of Chez Vous Fine Catering’s most unique appetizers, Le Baklava Salé. Infused to perfection with the aromatic seven-spiced blend, each layer of buttered filo-dough takes

Le Cochons De Lait

An exquisite delicacy conceived for those who appreciate pork at its finest, Le Cochon De Lait is one of those Chez Vous Fine Catering specialties that never fails to take center stage. Roasted with patience and care in order to guarantee supreme tende

Le Mille-feuille de Saumon

When our international chefs at Chez Vous Fine Catering take a world-favorite French pastry and look at it from a completely new perspective, they bake you none-other than our famous Mille-Feuille de Saumon. A boastful sight to remember, this savory spec

Les Sliders au Bacon

Rich, crisp and greasy. And filled with bacon! Do we have your attention yet? Known as the epic party food that slides into everybody’s plate, Chez Vous Fine Catering’s Les Sliders au Bacon are designed for those real meat lovers who seek bite-sized sat